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Peanuts Gallery

Join as life-long Peanuts fans and professional fussbudgets Molly Lewis & Josh A. Cagan (plus the occasional special guest) to chronologically review the animated specials, and ask hard-hitting questions like:

  • Can we prove for certain that there are actually adults in Peanuts town?
    • Can we disprove that they aren't limbless mumbling lumps?
  • When will anyone standup to Lucy, their ruthless (de facto) leader?
  • What does Shermy have to say about all this?
  • On a scale of Hip to Happenin', how great is Bill Melendez's mustache?

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Do FemShep At The Problem

Tuesdays | 6:30pm PT

Watch Nick punch and smooch his way through the Mass Effect series, with guidance from Mack & Seth and absolutely no spoilers from chat over at

Get it in concentrated form on our YouTube channel, or check out the complete stream replays in our stream archives.


Shows Past & On Hiatus

Garth Marenghi's Dark Souls

Thursdays | 3pm PT

Seth Boyer has never played a Dark Souls game before; Ben Soileau has played through all three on New Game+.
Join them on as Seth falls down a bunch of open pits and Ben gleefully provides as little help as he can get away with.

Yet-Untitled Bullet Journal Stream

First Wednesday of each month | 1pm PT

Molly Lewis is hooked on the Bullet Journal planning system, and wouldn't you know it, she's infected her friends Nick Trujillo & Seth Boyer.
Wet your feet on this introductory playlist, and then join us on as we show off our progress & attempt to guide you (and each other) through the Bullet Journal rabbit hole.


More streams coming soon!

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